Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Movie List (CAUTION: May Contain SPOILERS)

WWW - Well Worth Watching; WW - Worth Watching; W - Watchable (meh...); DB - Don't (even) Bother (watching);  AH - Absolutely Horrible - watchable only because it's so bad it's funny.
Keeping Mum - WWW   hilarious comedy 
Inception - WWW - repeated viewings necessary - a dream  within a dream within a dream.......
The Last Airbender - DB - some of the worst writing/acting to come down the pike
The Kids are All Right - WWW - family values, 21st century style
Winter's Bone - WWW! - almost as good as the book which is a must read.
Robin Hood  (BBC 2006-2009)  WW - interesting, entertaining take on the legend.  Nothing new here; the acting is fine, the writing could be better. 

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